Want to do more?

Find out more about our fantastic opportunities for fantastic volunteers.

Friends are changing the future of loneliness by doing simple things on their own behalf that make a difference to the lives of older people.

If you would welcome support in what you are doing, why not find out more about volunteering? If you want to do even more  to make sure older people lead happy and fulfilled lives, there are lots of volunteering opportunities and there is no shortage of organisations needing your help.

When considering volunteering, think about what works for you:

  • How much time can you spare a week/month and when are you most likely to have this time?
  • Can you commit to a regular appointment or do you need flexibility around when you can volunteer?
  • Do you want a long term commitment or something in short bursts, for example only when the children are in school?
  • Do you want to volunteer close to home or work?
  • What skills can you offer or what skills might you like to develop?
  • Do you want to centre based volunteering or something you can do from home?

Once you have a feel for what you can offer and what you want to gain from the experience, you can find the right volunteering opportunity for you. Friends of the Elderly always needs volunteers and we’d love to hear from you. Find out more about volunteering on our website or contact us.

You can also find other volunteering opportunities advertised in your local volunteer bureau, on charity websites or visit do-it.org.uk.