Become a partner

Let’s work together and change the future of loneliness.

Group of volunteersWe simply cannot change the future of loneliness alone. Be a Friend is a movement of organisations and individuals working together to make this change. We need your support and we are passionate about working with companies to find simple, creative solutions; there are lots of different ways that your company can Be a Friend.

Step 1: Get in touch - so that we can help plan the perfect partnership, together.
Step 2: Take a look at our resources page, which has all the downloadable posters and templates you’ll need to get your workplace on board, or contact us for a kit of materials.
Step 3: Make your promise to Be a Friend on the website - whether that’s through employee or customer engagement, volunteering, sharing your skills… or something entirely different!

In need of ideas?

  • Does your business deliver goods, reach out to people or offer friendly services? Be a Friend and partner with us.
  • Does your business work with isolated people? Be a Friend by helping us spread the word so they can receive vital support.
  • Promote the campaign internally to your workforce. Encourage everyone to take home a postcard and use it to introduce themselves to a neighbour. It really is that simple!
  • Host a Be a Friend tea party in your office and raise funds to support our services for lonely older people.

When you’re a Friend, you’re helping to reverse the trend. Let’s spread the word using our knowledge, materials and media to really make a difference.

Be a Partner – Be a Friend.

To find out more: send us an email, call us on 020 7881 1130, or visit the Friends of the Elderly website for more information about becoming a corporate supporter.